A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

When All You Can Say Is Ughhhhhh

It's been one of those weeks folks, and it's not even Friday yet.

This is week two of Evie's summer vacation and we are already fighting constantly. Between her and Everly's constant needs and wants (ughhhh, kids! Amiright?) I am fighting the urge to pull what little hair I have left out of my head. Hashtagfucksummervacation!

I came across a blog and the author suggested making a sort of I'm Bored jar. Interesting....So I got down a mason jar and cut up some pieces of paper. On each piece I wrote a task Evie could do every time she complains about being bored. Here's the thing though, she doesn't want to do half of the things in the jar. Run around the yard 10 times? Sure thing. Do 20 push-ups? Not so much. I tried explaining that whatever she pulled from the jar had to be done(I mean shit, that's the whole effin point!), but she disagreed and walked away. Evie -1, Green Mason Jar-0.

I am literally counting the days until Kindergarten starts so my poor girl can be constantly entertained, cause I'll tell you what, mom is pooped.  Until then, I will hold on to quiet moments like this

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