A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Camp Throwback: Part C

I woke up Saturday morning feeling significantly less shitty than I did Friday morning. Everything was coming up roses. But wait. Something was...off. Oh yeah, that's right, Tasha dropped her phone in a cooler last night and it wasn't working. Normally I probably would've chocked it up to a fun camp experience and moved on. However, my carrier was TMobile. If any of  my fellow campers had TMobile, you know my pain. I had no service. Like ZERO. We'll maybe that's not entirely true. I heard rumors about standing near one of the pavilion poles to get some bars. It didn't really work for me though. Anywayyyy, the point is that I was using Tasha's phone to call my hubby and chitlins. I needed her phone too. Well shit.
There wasn't time to dwell on the phone. Field Day was happening in an hour. We had already missed  Chili Dan's breakfast burritos and Bloody Mary's because we slept in, I was not going to let a little piece of technology ruin my chances of sweet victory on the field. We put our newly decorated cabin 8 shirts on and made our way to the pavilion.

Our lovely MC, Jess, announced we would be starting with the 3 legged race. Then we were given bailing twine, yes BAILING TWINE, to tie around our ankles. The twine felt like we were in the movie Saw. No fucking way were we going to run down a field with a hairy razor blade wrapped around our ankles. It was time to get clever. Tasha and I looked around and noticed a few people had tied the twine to their shoes. Perfect. So our whole cabin did that. And, boom, we hauled ass down the field and back, and won!
We weren't so lucky in dodgeball. I was the last one standing from cabin 8. I hurled the ball at my opponent (towards the ground so it would be more difficult to catch) and watched with horror as he caught it. Kinda caught it. I'm still on the fence about it. I think the ball slightly touched the ground too. Ah well, we were out. Cabin 8 didn't win the sweet Field Day trophies, but we played our hearts out.
After dinner we were treated to a hilarious concert by Jenny Talia. Omg, I laughed and laughed! She's a genius and I love her. Anyone that can sing so well about a camel toe is just awesome. Point blank period.
And then we drank. And drank some more.  I woke up Sunday feeling very worn down but still not quite ready to leave Camp Throwback but it was time, I had a flight to catch. I crammed everything into my suitcase and got in the rental car. It was time to get on the plane and back to my family in Florida. But first, I needed a big fucking sausage McGriddle. Stat!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the top 5 things I learned at Camp Throwback

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