A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

5 Things I Learned at Adult Summer Camp

Ok, so I'm just going to jump into this.

5- Drying out a wet cell phone in a bag of rice really works!! My sis and I tried it after the whole dropping the phone in the cooler thing happened. The best part? We didn't even try this until about 12 hours after the incident. It works folks, try it.

4- Stop overpacking! Holy shit! I pretty much packed every piece of clothing I had and only wore about a quarter of it. I also packed lots of makeup and wore exactly NONE of it. Next year I'm bringing a carry on bag and if something doesn't fit? Oh friggin well. Camping is about roughing it, not primping for hours and looking glamorous.

3- Stretch! For the love of all that's holy, STRETCH!! By the time I got to the airport on Sunday, my body felt like it was going to give out on me. I felt like I had shin splints, my calves burned like fire, and my legs were (and still are!) covered in dark, disgusting bruises. Sure, drunk Field Day sounds like a leisurely good time, right? Wrong!! It's serious business. Next year I am seriously going to get down and yoga the shit out of my body before I compete. Hell, even before I get to camp! It's a marathon and I'm going to train my ass off!

2- It is possible to make new friends as an adult. I was initially nervous when we arrived at camp. I'm sort of an awkward person and meeting new people has never really been my thing. The only time I've made new friends at this stage in my life was when I was working, or through other friends. At Camp Throwback I met so many awesome and like minded people, all thanks to Brittany Gibbons and her mega amazing sense of humor! I look forward to seeing everyone again and continuing getting to know them.

1- Having a large group of women get together doesn't mean there is a guarantee of drama! All the lovely women I met were so supportive of each other. We rallied together and danced, played, and told stories. I didn't see anyone arguing or competing with each other. There were no sad tears or fighting. It was a sisterhood, just as it should have been, and I loved every minute of it  :)

CHEERS TO CAMP THROWBACK! Who's ready to go back next year?! I've already got my ticket. See you in the woods

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