A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Dear Walmart Bunghole

Dude, you just made me hate Walmart a little more.  The fact that I was even going into that store shows how much I am trying to save money these days.  It's dirty, the lighting makes me want to claw my eyes out, and most of the people are scary and severely underdressed.  I mean, there's an entire website dedicated to those people.  If you like Walmart, good on you, but I DO NOT and never will.  I go into a slight rage every time I am within 100 feet of that place.  Anyway, back you you.

What the fuck were you thinking parking like that?  Seriously?  The only acceptable excuse I would take was that you had explosive anal leakage and NEEDED to get out of your truck as soon as humanly possible, or you would have shit yourself.  Something tells me that probably wasn't the case.  More likely, you are just an inconsiderate ass hat.  It takes about .2 seconds to straighten your vehicle out.  I get it, you've probably abandon all hope in your life, you are at Walmart after all, but we can't all say "fuck it" and park all crooked and crazy whenever we feel like it.  Your monster truck does not need two spaces, you are not that special.  And your truck isn't either.  It's a monstrosity, sure, but one space is plenty, buddy.  If I were you (and thank god I'm not) I would probably try to be a little more considerate.  Florida is full of old people, like bursting at the seams full.  Your lazy parking ways may have just made a sweet  old lady have to walk an extra few feet with a bad hip. Shame on you, you little bitch.


The Silver Ford Flex With The Sweet Eagles Plate


PS- Don't think I won't key your shit next time.  I can draw a lovely penis :)


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