A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Dear 2015

As far as years go, you were a rough one.  Truly.  But, some wonderful things happened too, and that's what I'm choosing to go with...such as:

  1. We finally paid off the huge bill for the popcorn kernel that got stuck in our toddler's nose (even though she lodged it in there in 2015...)
  2. We had a wonderful vacation in PA and attended the best wedding we've been to. Including our own.
  3. I watched several seasons of quality reality TV. Did Brooks from the RHOOC REALLY have cancer?  We may never know.
  4. We welcomed a new niece into our family, Avery.  I will finally get to meet her on January 15th.  I am pooping myself with excitement.
  5. Evie started 1st grade and is reading so well it makes my heart sing.  I hope she enjoys reading as much as her mama does.
  6. Everly is talking like a champ, which is incredible and also a little sad because it means she is officially growing up, despite my attempts at stunting her growth.  
  7. I had TWO of my blog posts published on Scary Mommy. This was a huge deal and something I have been waiting for for YEARS. 
  8. I  attended Camp Throwback again and became EXTREMELY close with a little group of people that now feel like family to me.
  9. My 30th birthday was AMAZING, much better than I expected. I had the pleasure of spending it with my family in Florida AND 100+ adult campers in Ohio.  Oh, and one of those campers was Brittany Gibbons.  Perhaps you've heard of her?  Yep, she's a NYT best selling author.  No big deal ;)
  10. Jon and I are still together, still in love, and still annoying the shit out of each other.

There are plenty more things in 2015 that were awesome, and plenty of things that sucked, like Donald Trump officially running for President of the United States.  That shit is truly terrifying. Anyway...I am ready for you, to be over, 2015, and for a new chapter to begin.  I have high expectations for 2016.  Hopefully I'm not setting my standards too high.  Only time will tell.

So peace out 2015.  It's been real.

Yours Truly, 



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