A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Dear You. Yes You. As In You, The Person Reading This Right Now

Do you come here often?  If so, I'm sorry for being such a distant little shit lately.  Big E started Kindergarten and so obviously my schedule has changed.  Finding the time to write, (besides when I'm in bed at night, and let's face it, that time has been spent nursing my tooth and binge watching Parks and Recreation), has been challenging.  Actually, you know what?  That's a cop out.  I think I started getting into the groove of not writing after my devil dog chewed through our internet cord and just went with it.  It was nice, I'll admit, but I don't want to be lazy.  I've been lazy about writing for the past uhhhh, 6 years?  Right around 6 years.  Wow, I've been out of college for 6 years.  That's mind blowing.  

So I apologize for being lazy and wanted to personally call myself out.  Get your shit together, Justine, and just type!  Maybe I'll play some Eye Of The Tiger and really get this party started. Care to join me?  I'll make the Hot Wing Hoagies, you bring the Guinness.  We can discuss Salinger or how much of a back-stabbing bitch Tamara from the Real Housewives of Orange County is.  You decide.  I could go either way :)  But no matter what, I will start writing more. Pinkie swear.


Love you guys!



Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)