A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Dear Seventh Generation Baby Products

To be fair, I have only used two of your products on Everly and she doesn't seem to mind them.  But...she's a baby and is usually pretty unaware of her surroundings, unless you are eating something.  If that's the case the sweet little lady will be all up in your grill yelling until you share.  Sharing is caring.  

So I bought your diapers on a whim.  There was a sale and I was all yessssss, I get to save money and help the environment!  Winning!  I'm usually a Pampers kind of mom, but I'm trying to be a little more aware of how I spend money.  Translation: I will try just about any product if it's on sale and not total crap.  But your diapers are total crap! They barely absorb one of Everly's pees, so I can totally expect to have a wet and soggy baby in the morning.  Annnnddd, the added bonus of having to change her sheet in the morning.  Awesome.  I totally have all the time in the world to do that every morning.  Oh, and what's up with all the diaper padding on the inside of the diaper sliding down and bunching in one effing spot?  Wouldn't it be great if babies could channel all their pee and poop to one spot in the diaper?  Of course it would, but they can't.  Your diapers are terrible.  I would rather use the reusable ones I have for emergencies and when I'm feeling like a hippy.

I bought your foaming shampoo and body wash too.  Because I guess I like to use countless pumps of the stuff for barely any suds at all.  Oh, and apparently I like my baby to smell musty with the slightest hint of dirt.  I don't understand this product.  This is another example of how I get suckered in by a good sale.  Yeah, this stuff was probably on sale for a reason.  I'm not even sure Everly gets clean from it.  And now I have the ultimate decision to make...do I pour it down the sink like a really want to and go get something that doesn't remind me of old wet wood, or do I grin and bear it for another month with this crap?  Ugh, thanks a lot Seventh Generation.  I don't like making the hard choices.  




Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)