A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

I Did It Raw

Let's get something straight out the gate, this isn't a post about sex.  Ugh, how boring, right? Nope, it's about raw eating.  Not the raw food movement kind, but the lazy Justine kind. I challenged myself to eat nothing but raw fruit and veggies for 5 days.  I could have my coffee in the morning, some alcohol (because come on, I'm not a savage),and water, and raw nuts, not the delicious honey roasted kind.  That's it.  

NOTE: This challenge had nothing to do with losing weight.  In fact, I didn't even weigh myself before starting.  Nope, it was more about seeing if I could actually do it and, you know, not eating crap for a few days.  This is how it went...


  1. Epic fail.  Totally forgot about my plan.  Things can only get better from here, right?


  1. Oh hey there delicious biscuits that I like to toast and smother in butter and honey.  You guys looks so purty in your package.  I don't even eat breakfast but you guys look scrumptious.  Also, I hate you right now.  Let's have a piece of fruit instead, yay!  Hashtagyeahfuckingright.
  2. I inadvertently ate a Cheerio whilst feeding Little E some.  It's amazing how instinctual it is to just eat without thinking.  Damn that dry ass, stale Cheerio was awesome.  I need coffee.
  3. (The hunger rage set in at this point)  WHO THE FUCK EVEN LISTENS TO NICKLEBACK ANYMORE? 
  4. I made mac and cheese and nuggets for Evie for dinner.  Why?  Because I must hate myself.  I took 3 bites of the mac because, hello, it's the shiz.  FAIL!!
  5. I ate a banana, apple, and a little fruit salad all day.  I'm pissed, light headed and cold. Starvation has set in.  I may not last until the morning.  Pray for me.  And whatever you do?  Don't you dare say you'll eat so and so for me.  I'll stab faces.


  1. I binged on some baby carrots before bed last night, so I didn't wake up too hungry.  Took Evie to school, but not before eyeing up her breakfast.  Going to nap once Little E does.  If I'm sleeping, I'm not starving.
  2. Woke up from a glorious nap.  Highlight of my day?  The icy cold coffee waiting for me in the fridge.  I've noticed my patience for everything are wearing thin.  Little E and I shared a banana.
  3. Had to go to the grocery store for more milk, because apparently toddlers drink roughly 700 gallons a week.
  4. The grocery store can go fuck itself.
  5. Texted Jon "I'm missing you a lot at the moment.  Not sure what's going on.  Getting very emotional.  Damn raw diet."
  6. Picked Evie up from school.  Put Evs down for a nap.  New highlight of my day?  I poured myself a half cup of mixed nuts.  Needs my protein yo!  
  7. Made Eves a bitchin' salad for dinner and salavated like a canine the entire time she ate it.  Dressing?!  You lucky little duck, you.  Chicken?  Must be nice.  Grated cheese?  Ughhhhhhhh.  I would probably eat one of my 700 animals by now if I wasn't squeamish about blood.
  8. Chugged a water.  Livin' the dream, folks, livin' the dream.
  9. My heart and head are happy I didn't stray from the plan today.  My body on the other hand?  It's telling me to fuck off and go to bed.  I need all the energy sleep will give me to make it through the next two days.  Two more days of this?  Fml.


  1. Reluctantly got up after an interrupted night's sleep (Little E got up at 3 am for no reason at all)  and gave Evie some Cocoa Puffs for breakfast.  No judgies.  I wasn't tempted by them at all.
  2. Had a headache.  Probably because I'm super dehydrated.  
  3. My coffee was the bomb digs, as usual.  I opted for a shower instead of a nap.  I will regret this around 3:00.
  4. Lost all willpower and ate sushi for lunch.  It was fucking amazing and mostly veggies. Just a little cream cheese and rice.  Suck on that!  I also had a Godiva truffle.  I expected it to taste better, but I inhaled that fucker so fast it barely registered as food.  You would think I would beat myself up for this, right?  Nope,  All I can think about is how much I want chicken tenders.
  5. My brain is definitely off.  I'm switching tenses like a crazy woman.
  6. I bought some wine yesterday.  The thought of funneling the whole thing in one shot has crossed my mind 37 times today.
  7. Drank some wine
  8. Ended up eating chicken nuggets and a cheese sandwich.  Raw diet officially dead.


  1. Ate a burger.  It was glorious!

So, okay, I lasted two days doing the raw thang.  It was awful.  I was starving, short-tempered, weak, and dramatic the whole time.  Never again!  Note to self: Stop coming up with stupid challenges you KNOW you won't be able to do.  I mean come on, give up White Castle cheeseburgers in favor of a fresh tomato? I'd rather shoot myself in the foot.   But, to each their own



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