A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

The Honest Company is Honestly Awesome

First I will tell you guys that this is not a sponsored post.  All of my opinions are mine and mine alone.  Second, my opinions are totally right!

I was on Facebook the other day and an add popped up for The Honest Company.  You know the one I'm talking about, right?  It's Jessica Alba's eco-friendly products company?  Well, the ad said I could get some really sweet sample products for free.  Sign me up!

I went to the website and decided to sign up the the Essentials Bundle sample kit.  Here's the deal with the sample kit: it isn't actually free.  You have to pay 5.95 for shipping.  Okay, I figured it probably wasn't actually going to be free.  Very few things are.  So I signed up and paid the $5.95. While signing up I was informed that I would be receiving a bundle every month at the rate of $35.95 plus shipping and handling.  I can cancel at any time by calling a number.  Usually this type of thing scares me away and I just say to hell with it.  But the products looked so cute and I was feeling very hippyish that day, so I just went for it.  

You can choose from the Essentials Bundle, which has everything from hand soap to floor cleaner, the Diapers & Wipes Bundle, which has (you guessed it!) diapers and wipes, and the Health & Wellness Bundle that contains vitamins and supplements.  I chose the Essentials Bundle.  

About a week later I received my bundle in an adorable box.  Seriously, it was packaged quite nicely.  Sorry to say that I did not take a picture of it when I got it.  I totally should have.   The samples I received were Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner, Honest Hand Soap, Honest Shampoo & Body Wash, Honest Face & Body Lotion, and Honest Healing Balm.  These weren't little itty bitty samples, folks.  There was at least 1 oz. of each product to test.   I was one happy mama.  Here's what I thought of the products:

Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner--- Ok, this spray smells like white grapefruit.  'Nuff said.  But I'll go on anyway.  Smell is pretty important when it comes to your house.  I don't want something that smells like artificial lemons.  But Honest Multi-Surface cleaner?  Yeah, it smells good enough to spray into your mouth.  I didn't do that and I wouldn't recommend it, but the company says their products are non-toxic, so....Seriously though, don't drink cleaning products. Just enjoy the smell.  Aside from the smell, the spray worked great on my counters.  I was totally impressed with its ability to break up powdered baby formula grime and crusted pancake batter.  I even used it to clean off my daughter's high chair tray without the fear of getting her sick from spray toxins.

Honest Hand Soap--  Woop Woop, lemongrass y'all!! The soap smells divine.  I heart, heart, heart, it.  The site also offers mandarin and lavender scents.  I will be trying both of them soon, obvi.  The soap isn't super concentrated, so it doesn't take 10 years to wash it off of your hands.  Awesome.  And it doesn't leave your hands feeling all dry and crackly after using it all day.  I highly recommend this product.

Honest Shampoo & Body Wash-- What is with this company and their delicious smells?!  Hair and body: meet sweet orange vanilla.  That's right, creamsicle style!  I wanted to eat this product as well and decided against it.  The lather is much like the Honest Hand Soap which was appealing.  I have short hair so it worked as a shampoo just fine.  As a body wash?  I'm in love.  This is definitely a body wash and shampoo for women, although I would totally encourage my husband to douse himself in it as well ;)

Honest Face & Body Lotion-- Typically when I see a lotion product that can be used on the face and body, I steer clear.  Face skin in much more sensitive than leg skin, am I right?  I don't have to worry so much about my leg skin's pores clogging up and breaking out.  I don't want my face to break out like it used to in middle school.  No thanks, I'm 29 now.  I was so pleased with The Honest Company's other products that I smeared the lotion all over my face after a shower.  And you know what?  No pimples!  Nothing but soft, smooth skin baby!  The lotion feels amazing on my face and body.  The best part?  It doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy like so many other lotions on the market.  A+

Honest Healing Balm-- This product is like a lotion...TO THE EXTREME.  It's thicker than the face and body lotion and I think it smells like honey and molasses.  My skin isn't severely dry or rough, so I personally didn't have much use for this product.  It is safe enough to use on babies though, so I used it as a diaper rash cream on Everly.  It seems to have taken the rash away.  Score!   

Basically you need to know this: The Honest Company is the bomb digs!  The products are amazing, the packaging is crazy cute, and you can feel great knowing you are using natural products that aren't impacting our planet.  It's a win, win, win, folks! 



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