A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

White Girls Can Jump

I have an obsession with Target, like most women my age do.  I mean, come on, what's not to like?  I can get Starbucks, cute clothes, milk, and panty liners all in one spot.  I'm all for killing several birds with one stone.  The downside of Target?  Well, there's two actually.  One, I can't go in there without spending over $100, and two, I'm a sucker for a really great sale, even if I don't actually like what I'm buying.  Which is what I thought the case would be for this badboy!  Not so much friends, not so much.

jump 1.jpg

Meet the jumpsuit, aka the most comfortable piece of clothing I own.  It's exquisite, truly.  I actually bought it a week ago but didn't end up wearing it until yesterday.  It was on the 50% off rack for $12.30 so I immediately grabbed a medium.  No, it wasn't because I was particularly enthralled with how the suit looked.  It was the price.  Straight up.  Anyway, I grabbed a medium and that was a mistake.  It fit, but I wasn't comfortable.  The length was a little too high water for my liking and I just didn't feel confident in it.

Fast forward to a few days ago when I went and exchanged the jumpsuit for a large.  Bingo, much better.  Now, I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I wasn't super duper self conscious on the way to morning drop off with Big E.  I was sure people would be staring at my ass and seeing that it definitely didn't have a shape in the suit.  I also wasn't thrilled to have to be completely top naked while peeing.  That's just a strange sensation, folks.  But I threw the suit on anyway and went about my day.  Best decision I made yesterday.  Wayyyyy better than my decision to take the above picture after my mouth had been numbed by the dentist lady, who subsequently just LOVED my jumpsuit.  She told me I was SO CUUUUTEEE over and over again, totally making me not hate having a needle jammed into my gums.

I am learning to be more comfortable in my skin, especially after having two children stretch the shit out of me.  It's taking time, which I have plenty of, and confidence, which I have not so much of.  But that's okay.  Give me a wacky jumpsuit anyday.  Because as long as I live, I will NEVER be the mom that wears a cardigan over her shoulders and mom jeans.  Unless the mom jeans were like SUPER DUPER comfortable.  Then I'd rock the shit out of them :)

jump 2.jpg

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