A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Mega Happy Face May

May is offically here and while there aren't any showers going on, it's definitely spring time, which could be very well be my favorite season.  Big fan.  Also, May is my birthday month, so obviously it's the most wonderful time of the year.  Sorry, Christmas.  I haven't listed what's making me happy lately so I wanted to do that today.  Because happy spreads happy...or so I hope.  

  1. Beach hotel getaway!  Me and two of my sis-in-laws are going to a beach front hotel on Saturday, just us gals.  This is much needed.  Even though I won't be able to sip cocktails while I watch dudes swinging dong in banana hammocks, I will beach myself appropriately with the rest of the whales and drink seltzer waters without worrying about my children being dragged out to sea by sharks or riptides.  It's the perfect way to start my Mother's Day weekend of doing absolutely nothing.  And yes, I deserve an entire MD weekend.
  2. My birthday!  I am turning 32 on May 24th and loves me a birthday.  I couldn't care less that I am aging, it just means I'm not dead yet.  I'm not doing anything exciting because it's a Wednesday and I'm 400 years pregnant, but it's still my day.  And yes, I will be reminding everyone around me that's it my birthday and should thus be spoiled accordingly.  Plus, I super dig presents.  Anyone who says they don't is full of shit. Presents rule.  Also, I requested a coconut cream pie so Jon better pull through with that bitch.
  3. New seasons on Netflix.  TV has been putting me in a rage lately so I am pleased that Kimmy Schmidt will be coming back to Netflix on May 19th with new episodes.  Titus makes me laugh that kind of laugh where I know I look crazy but I can't stop myself and I hope no one is watching me.  Who doesn't love to laugh like that even if it's embarrassing as hell? 
  4. My ladies are throwing a sprinkle for me!  So for those of you not familiar (read: anyone with a penis) a sprinkle is like a smaller version of a baby shower.  Some people find it tacky to have any sort of baby shower after your first child.  I find THOSE PEOPLE tacky! Apparently I like to birth babies every four years, which isn't exactly ideal when you think you're done with babies and have gotten rid of all your essential baby items.  So fuck off, Brenda, you don't know my life!  I had a sprinkle for Everly so Jon said this next one should technically be called a "mist."  Whatever it is called I am super grateful it is happening because we are having a boy and to say I am ill prepared for this is an understatement.  Plus, I get to see family and friends I don't always get to see, which is such a gift.  I'm so stoked!
  5. My camp buddy is coming to visit!  One of my very dear friends I met at camp years back is coming to visit me for a few days :)  I am excited to show her around our little beach town and introduce her to the actual craziness that is my life.  Also we plan on going to the Dali museum.  I haven't been there since I was 17 and slightly intoxicated, so it'll be like visiting for the very first time. 


May is coming up Milhouse and this b is happy as all get out.  What's making all you lovelies happy during this beautiful month?

Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)