A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

And Baby Makes 5

My goodness, it's been nearly 6 months since I wrote anything up in this bitch!  And so much has happened!  Well, not really SO much, but some stuff.  Let's jump in, shall we?

I started a job in December.  I was the check in/check out girl at a pain management office.  I lasted 3 months.  In those 3 months I learned a few things.  Number one, I hate working with the public.  Number two, people in chronic pain are total assholes to receptionists until they have seen the doctor and have their prescriptions in their hands.  Number three, I don't think I can ever work in the medical field ever again.  Number four, my house goes to total shit when I'm working. And lastly, I definitely didn't appreciate being a stay at home mom like I should have.  Lesson learned.  The job definitely wasn't for me and I am so happy to be back at home with my family, cleaning up the same messes day after day instead of being bitched at by some turd named David because the chairs in the waiting room hurt his already aching back and why can't the doctor just see him right away even though he was 45 minutes late to his appointment!!  Fuck off, David, I just work here.

So I got that job.  Two days after I was offered the position and accepted it, I found out I was pregnant.  Shit.  It was a complete surprise and the timing could not have been worse.  I was supposed to be venturing out into the world again as a working woman.  A baby certainly wasn't ideal.  Except that it was.  I cried for a few seconds after I found out but then realized well, fuck it, a baby is a baby.  A blessing, not a burden.  Besides, working a 40 hour week sucks ass ;)

As far as this pregnancy goes, it's definitely been the hardest of the three.  I am very lucky to have never thrown up in any my pregnancies, but physically I have never been more tired and worn down.  I have little pains ALL THE TIME that continue to frustrate me to no end.  And I pee CONSTANTLY.  I have yet to sleep through the night since I got pregnant because I am up at least twice to pee.  But I'm told the little guy (A BOY! FINALLY!) is baking just fine in there and that's all that really matters I suppose.

I have about 18 weeks left to go and this boy will be making his grand entrance.  No doubt he will be a monster baby like his sister's were and he'll come out weighing in at 10 pounds or some crazy shit like that.  Until he comes there is much to do, like figuring out how my husband and I are going to navigate being outnumbered by children and our 37 dogs. Pray for us.

Alright, that's all I got for now.

Until next time, my lovelies...xoxoxo


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