A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Why Waste My Time Actually Living My Life When I Can Answer Stupid Facebook Questions Instead?

This post is self explanatory.  Probably.

  1. Favorite smell- Um, probably pizza?  Are we talking about food smells or just smells in general?  Either way, it's pizza.  Ohhhhh or BBQ.  Maybe french fries?  Food.  It's definitely food.  But not like that fried smell that seeps into your clothes even if you've only been engulfed in it for a few seconds.  I HATE that shit!  Sometimes my husband will decide to  fry up a bunch of onions when I'm already in my "good" clothes and I have to scream at him AGAIN that I don't want to smell like the inside of a greasy diner for the rest of the day.  If I knew he was going to get crazy in the kitchen I would've left on my old ass yoga pants that have become slightly high water in length over time.  He doesn't get it.
  2. Last time I cried- It's hard to tell as I have breakdowns on the reg.  Winky face.
  3. Favorite pizza- Now we're talkin'! Manco & Manco pizza on the Jersey boardwalk.  Formerly Mack & Manco's.  It's worth the trip to dirty Jersey, trust me.  A close second would be the Waymart Hotel in Waymart, PA.  
  4. Favorite flower- It used to be orchids but upon further inspection they sort of remind me of vaginas, so now I would have to say hydrangeas.  
  5. Favorite dog breed- CAT!
  6. Untie laces before shoes come off- Who has time for such nonsense?!  Also, I try not to bend down unless absolutely necessary.
  7. Roller coaster- Is this even a question?  Roller coaster what?  Of love?
  8. Favorite ice cream- Give me all the goddamned ice cream
  9. Pet Peeves- When people say "seen" instead of "saw" and lots of different noises at once. The noise thing is an actual issue that gives me incredible anxiety.
  10. Shorts or Jeans- Neither.  Jeans are oppressive as fuck and I've yet to wear a pair of shorts that I absolutely couldn't live without.  Yoga capris pleae.
  11. What are you listening to- A horrible commercial playing "I Want Candy."  Why tho?
  12. Color of your vehicle- I can't think of a more boring question.  That said, silver.
  13. Short hair or long- I love the idea of long hair and I'm in the process of growing it out after shaving if off.  However, when my hair is long 99% of the time it is up in a messy bun of some sort because I hate the feeling of it around my face.  Also, I get bored super easily and always want to cut it when it's longish.  Soooooo, I guess short?  
  14. Favorite food- Pizza.  Hands down.
  15. Favorite holiday- Snap, this one is tricky.  I love all things Halloween and Thanksgiving is a gluttonous food fest that I am also a big fan of.  Then there's Christmas.  Once I had kids Christmas became a stressful shit show, but they don't know that and the excitement they get as the holiday approaches is so stinkin' cute.  So, Christmas.  That's my favorite holiday.
  16. Night owl or morning person- I am neither of those things.  I despise waking up and staying awake past 11 (at the very latest) is so hard.  I'm almost 33 years old and I would rather be cozy in my bed by like 8:30 watching Netflix than be out with all the hooligans just a gallivanting around and waiting for trouble to ensue.  Some people say that nothing good happens after midnight.  I say nothing good happens after 9:00.
  17. Favorite day of the week-  The week?  Friday.  Weekend?  Saturday.  Again, dumb question.  Why am I doing this?
  18. Do you have a nickname?  Yes.  Would you like to know it?
  19. Favorite music- Ween.  Also, mostly classic rock mixed with the oldies and lots of female driven bands and singers. 
  20. Tattoos- I have 4 and want about 40 more.  Just like crack, they are addicting.  Or so I've been told. 

That's it, guys.  Yes, this was a monumental waste of time, which was probably why I did it.  Anything to avoid that pile of laundry in front of me.

Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)