A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Spring Time Happiness

So far, March has been the best month this year.  I've definitely embraced my March and Chill mentality.  It's quite delightful.  That being said, all the loveliness of March has made me remember to write what I've been happy about lately.  

  1. Good books.  I finished Gone Girl a few weeks ago after seeing the movie first.  I know, I'm late to the party.  Story of my life.  And that's okay.  Anyway, as always (or at least 99% of the time) the book was better than the movie.  I am glad I saw the flick first though because those characters were MUCH more realistic to the physicality of the characters described in the book.  My perception of what the characters looked like would've been VASTLY different and much less attractive.  Plus, I'm sorry, but Ben Affleck was super pretty as the maybe murderer husband.  Good choice there.
  2. Spring is here!  It's not like we actually get much of a winter here in Florida.  The coldest it has gotten all winter long was a low of about 40 degrees at night.  Yes, that's cold, but it's not nearly as bad as what I endured growing up in Pennsylvania.  What we DO get here in the winter is all the sickness.  My kids have been sick about 78 times each this winter.  I don't know why the hell this happens every year, but it does.  And it blows ass.  Thankfully all the germs and ickyness seem to go into remission right around the time Spring officially hits the calendar.
  3. Birthdays.  We've had lots of birthdays in the family lately, which is so much fun.  I mean cake, presents, playing, screaming, laughing, and loving?  Does it actually get any better than that?  Nope, sure doesn't.
  4. Going back to brown.  A few weeks ago I cut my hair down and had it dyed back to brown.  I was coming up on my one year anniversary with blond hair and I was desperately bored with it.  First, the length was gross and sort of made my hair just lay there like a lazy lover.  No thanks.  Second, the color was too much to keep up with.  And too expensive.  Why pay $75,000 every time I go to the salon only to have my scalp burned off, leaving scabs, YES SCABS!!! behind.  Nah.  I was over it.  So back to brown I am and I am thoroughly happy with the results.  
  5. Spring break is over and no one died.  Holy shit I HATE Spring Break.  Like, with a scary passion.  It's awful.  I am not that creative and I didn't send my kid to camp.  And I watched my niece and nephew 3 out of the 5 days during the week.  That's 4 kids ALLLLLL day.  And one of those days I also had a friend's daughter and son over for a few hours.  That's 6 kids.  SIX!!  But, I kept my cool and the kids didn't get too bored, so I'd say it was a win.
  6. I ordered 3 bathing suits and two came yesterday.  They fit!  Of course I won't ever be happy with my body in a bathing suit around other actual human beings, but at least my ass won't be hanging out and my tits seem to fit in the bikini top.  Sweet.  Just waiting on the last one to get here.  Also, can I just say how much I LOVE ANYTHING ON SALE?!! 
  7. Relax Riesling.  This is my favorite wine at the moment.  Technically we have been having a love affair for a few months.  It is the perfect amount of sweet and the bottle is cobalt blue, which is just purty.  My husband is collecting the bottles for some sort of project that he has yet to figure out.  My garage currently contains about 20 of those beautiful blues.  He keeps encouraging me to drink more wine.  Ummm, my liver is going to die, dude!  But while you're at the grocery store...
  8. Mad Men.  It took me SOOOO many tries to finally get into this show.  Now?  Yep, I love it.  Kudos to me for keeping up the good fight.  It was absolutely worthsies :)  Don Draper, you magnificent fucked up bastard.

So what's happening with you guys?  What's making YOU happy these days?

Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)