A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Trolls Used To Be Cute And Have Jewels In Their Bellies. Now They Are Assholes

Something has been weighing on me lately and instead of being passive aggressive or just straight up aggressive about it, I'm trying to think it out.  I'm fighting to find a reason for it.  And the only thing that keeps jumping into my mind is that humans be crazy.

I am part of a group on Facebook that has over 5000 members, roughly.  The group is a safe haven for so many women and it has been a place I, myself, have aired some grievances and asked for advice.  Most of the advice I have gotten has been thoughtful and honest and I took the words and utilized them to the best of my ability.  That said, way too much of what is going on in the group, and online in general is complete and total bullshit. People are fighting for the sake of fighting.  What are we, 10?!

I left the group two years ago because I couldn't handle the cattiness and I hadn't yet learned how to just keep on scrolling by.  The things the women were saying to each other enraged me. No wonder so many women out there fee like they are more of a "guy's girl" than a "girl's girl," I thought. I would fee the same way too if some lady I never met or even spoke to outside of the internet world was criticizing my every move.  

After I took a breather, I requested to be a member of the group again.  I was ready to scroll by all the trolls and focus on the happy stuff, the stuff that would lift my heart and make me happier than ever to be a strong and powerful woman.  And all that was going well until the negativity became too much again.  The comments coming from some of these "ladies" were atrocious.  Read that again please.  I said SOME.  I have several friends in this group that I adore, but damn it to hell if I don't want to punch some of those other assholes in the face. This is where I have to pause, breathe, and realize that the person pissing me off is probably getting off on that sort of reaction.  She is most likely laughing while I'm icing my hand after punching a hole in the wall.

I think a huge part of why people pick fights on the internet is because of their own insecurities.  Another part is a sick sort of joy they get from the anger of others.  And still another part is just that that person is probably a piece of shit.  Not everyone is good.  Some people are born bad and no amount of sparkly fairy dust will change their soul.

I don't really have a point to this post.  I have more of a plea.  If you are fighting with people online, just stop it!  You're an adult, ignore him or her.  I would love nothing more than to call certain people asshole faces all day long, but I don't, and you know why?  Because it's just gives them joy and adds fuel to their hate fire.  Ignore those turd nuggets.  Feel sorry for their ignorance.  If it's your style, say a prayer that they find some sort of happiness,  but whatever you do,  don't engage.  Trolls love that shit.


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