A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

There Is A Freeze In Florida And It Lives In Our House

Well, it's finally happened.  We are poor.  Alright, I'm being dramatic, we're not poor.  Not by a long shot.  We are, however, spending way too much money on stupid shit that we really don't need.  For instance, my seemingly out of control addiction to adding 13,000 espresso shots to my coffee that I BUY almost every morning instead of MAKE in my Keurig because I'm a lazy turd and Dunkin' Donuts coffee is the bee knees.  Then there's my husband's need to buy a million Pink Floyd shirts off of Amazon or ANYTHING off Amazon.  Oh, and then there's are the miscellaneous toys we buy for our spoiled children.  And you know what those little shits do?  Open the toys, play with them for a split second, get bored, lose all the parts, and continue on with their lives.  And you know why?  Because kids don't appreciate all of that stuff when they get toys for absolutely no reason except for the fact that you need them to shut the fuck up while you're shopping else you end up buying 3 things of paper towels instead of the toilet paper you came in for.

Okay, so part of me wants to live with Ed Norton and Brad Pitt in that nasty Fight Club house with all it's cockroaches and blood stains and Helena Bonham Carter sexing the place up in her $1 thrift store bridesmaids dress because really WE DON'T NEED ALL THE POINTLESS STUPID SHIT THAT THE ADVERTISING COMMUNITY IS THROWING AT US. We can all live in some degree of squalor and still (probably) find some measure of happiness.  On the other hand, I like stuff.  

So basically my household is going on a spending freeze.  We are buying NOTHING but groceries and gas.  We will pay our bills and should one or all of us need to go to the doc, well, we'll have to pay for that shit too.  But, as far as anything fun goes?  Nope.  

I'm not sure what the actual point of this post is.  Probably just to bitch and say whoa is me over and over again.

Also, that $1 thrift store dress REALLY pisses me off because I can't have it and I've NEVER found anything even remotely close to its awesomeness when I hit up a thrift store.  

My brain is scattered.  Probably because I haven't had my precious espresso shots.  Justine out.

Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)