A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

I Know A Superhero. You Should Totally Be Jealous.

I've been doing this whole blogging shebang for over a year now.  This post is WAY overdue.  Like, it should have been the first thing I ever wrote.

I grew up with a superhero.  I know!  Crazy, right?  I'm not talking about Batman and his annoying ass voice, or Wolverine and his terribly inconvenient steel knuckle knives.  Nope, I grew up with my dad, who just so happens to be the coolest superhero ever.

It's no secret that my childhood wasn't a walk in the park.  But here's what you don't know: my father busted his ass to make sure my sister and I had what we needed.  We always had food in the house (a lot of junk too, because we would harass dad over and over again at the grocery store until he just gave up and gave us what we wanted), presents under the Christmas tree, and brand new back to school clothes. 

My father probably wasn't expecting to raise two young daughters alone.  But that's just what happened when my mother left when I was 3 and my sister was 5.  I have never in my life met a harder working person.  Maybe he couldn't always be with us physically, but he sure as shit made sure we never wanted for ANYTHING.  Except for that lime green 1960-something Volkswagon Beetle he wouldn't buy me because the parts would be too expensive if I needed to fix it.  Yeah dad, I still remember that!

But raise us he did.  And he did it mostly alone.  He did it without complaining.  He did it when I'm sure there were many times he wanted to say "FUCK IT!" and run away, especially when his two darling daughters entered puberty and turned into raging, emotional bitches.  He helped us when we were sick, when we needed money for class trips, and when we needed constant rides to friend's houses.  Dad rented me a limo for the semi-formal because he wasn't able to take me to get my driver's license before the dance because was working...to provide a life for his children.  He even paid every single penny of my college tuition so I wouldn't have to take a loan out and start my life in the "real world" in debt. 

So maybe the first years of my life were a little tough sometimes, but I'm here.  I'm a completely self-sufficient adult woman.  Mostly... I graduated from college, got married, had two beautiful daughters, bought a house, sold it, and bought another.  In other words, I'm doing just fine in my life and I owe that to my father, my superhero.

So if you are reading this dad, first things first, congratulations on learning the ways of the internet. I'm proud of you.  Now you can check all those old lottery tickets on your own instead of torturing me with it.  Second, not all of my posts are suitable for you to read.  In fact, most of them will make you cringe and sigh loudly as you rub your temples.  You've been warned.  Third, and certainly most important, thank you for being such a hardworking, stressed out, fantastically bearded man. 

I owe you so much, and will never be able to repay you.  I mean, I can think of one way, but I can't see myself actually doing it.  Remember when you told me that once you were too old to care of yourself that I should take you out back and shoot you and bury you in your lawn?  Let's just say I'll consider it, but only as a thank you ;)

I love you, padre.  You will always be my favorite superhero. 

Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)