A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

No, I Don't Want To "Get Down" With The Sickness

There was a birthday party at my house on Saturday for Big E and her cousin, Mia.  The theme was Fairy Garden and it was girls only.  Because girls rule and boys drool, obviously.  The prep for the party was INTENSE.   Jon spent the better part of a week prepping the yard for the kids to play in.  Ali, my SIL and bestest fren 4 EVA, worked (she's a nurse.  I like to call her a doctor) her 12-13 hour shifts and came home to makes banners and fairy head crowns.  I grocery shopped and tried to get the house ready.  We had things semi-planned and things were going well.

The day of the party was stressful as fuck.  As always.  Jon had a few angry stress meltdowns because that's what he does under pressure. And of course he and his sister exchanged some heated words and attitudes because they are both stubborn and Jon is a real ass when he's pissed about random stuff, but aren't we all?  I stayed out of it and tried to keep positive.  I wasn't going to get so fucking stressed out about minor details that it ruined the day.  So what if the kitchen was still a disaster?  The party was outside and SHIT HAPPENS!  But we pulled it together and everything was cleaned up and looked great.

The girls played in the bounce house, which was like the best bounce house ever.  I was the first to try it :)  It had a slide.  No big deal.  They made their own fairy gardens.  Most of them came out tacky as hell, but that's what I loved about them.  The more glitter and shiny shit the better, amiright?  We even had them decorate their own cupcakes.  I have to say that was genius because it saved the adults more work.  It was a DIY party, folks.  I highly recommend it.

Once the kids were gone my left nostril started to clog.  And I was sneezing.  Well fuck.  I don't have allergies, so I KNEW I was getting sick.  Thankfully the party was over so I had the time to be sick.  No one likes to be ill, but it's even worse to be feeling like dookie when you have to entertain 15 screaming girls.  For real.

Here I am.  It's Wednesday and I still feel like garbage.  My ears are clogged, which NEVER happens, and is slowly driving me mental.  I read that steamy water mixed with tea tree oil helps.  I plan on trying it when Little E takes a nap.  I'll let you know if it works.  Fingers, toes, arms, and legs crossed.

And now Little E is sick too. Wonderful!  In fact, as I type this she is throwing herself around the living room, just a yelling away.  I've never met a baby quite as stubborn when it comes to taking medicine.  I mixed some Motrin into her milk this morning but she decided not to have her milk.  Go figure.  Motrin isn't cheap Everly!  So as it stands, my little lady is cranky as fuck, has snot running down her face, and would rather crawl all over me than sit comfortably in her bean bag and watch Mickey Mouse.  And me?  You can find me blowing my nose 700 times a day then Purelling my hands then plugging both nostrils and blowing in a sad attempt to unclog my GD ears.  Sexy, isn't it?

Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)