A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Foul-Mouth February

I am scared of this month.  Like, legit peeing in my pants, nervous.  This month I am REALLY REALLY REALLY going to try NOT to swear.  No potty mouth in February. And just to add to the pressure, or to ensure victory (I actually don't know which), I have fashioned a jar to fill with money any time I use a dirty word. And by "fashioned a jar" I mean I have a plain 'ol mason jar. I think I'm going to have a lot of money at the end of this month.  UGHHHHH.  Yes, not much confidence in this resolution.  The silver lining to this month's resolution is that it's the shortest month.  Sweet

You're probably wondering WHY in the heck (you guys, it's so painful not to write the "f" word. I NEVER say heck unless I'm surrounded by small children.  They absorb and repeat even the most minute detail, yet can't seem to remember NOT to leave a string cheese wedged in the side of the couch.  What the crap is that?) I am giving up swearing for the month.  Trust me, it's not because I don't LOVE to swear.  And I honestly don't think there is anything trashy about using a few curse words to enhance a conversation.  What I have found in myself, lately anyway, is that I swear in a negative way.  Now you're thinking well duh, isn't that the point? The answer is no.  There are plenty of times in life you will swear your heart out in a positive way.  For instance, I'm so effing excited to be going on vacation!  Or  B&%$^, that skirt looks adorable!  I find myself gravitating more to the dark side of cussing (hate that word) these days.  I stub my toe and suddenly I am spewing a slew of profanities that would probably make the Pope die on impact.  I revert to my primal side. 

2016, for me, is all about being more positive and happy.  It's about testing and pushing myself, HARD.  This year is about stepping out of my comfort zone, which makes my anxiety spike and my Xanax that much more appealing.  But I'm determined to meet my goals and delve a little deeper into who I REALLY am.  I'm looking forward to (and complete and totally dreading) what Foul-Mouth February has to teach.  Bring it on motherf......Ha, not yet you tricky brain, you.


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