A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

And What A Week It Was, It Was

If we're buddies on Facebook you may have seen my posts from last week.  If not, here's a little bit of what happened...

  1. On Monday I was babysitting and had to keep my 7 year old niece home from school.  She had a sore throat.  No problem, I just quarantined her in my room and had her watch Netflix all day.  No fuss, no muss.
  2. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I wake up with a sore throat.  So does my oldest.  I am babysitting again.  This time both school age girls are staying home with me and the two babies.  3 sick people in the house.  The girls got my comfy bed, I was stuck on the couch praying that the babies would take a nap so I could.  Any other fucking day of the week they would have.  That day?  Nope.  The little turd nuggets just cried and yelled and pretty much demanded I get my ass up and entertain them.  Seems easy enough, right?  Wrong motherfucka!  I felt like my body was collapsing in on itself and I wanted to die.  But, I put a smile on and watched Dora the Explorer with them until I wanted to punch through the TV and ring her neck.  She's an asshole.
  3. Thursday I was completely useless.  Thankfully my bestie was able to take Little E because Evie and I were down for the count all day.  Like ALLLLLLLL day.  I decided to be a jerk and take my bed and put Eves on the couch.  Sorry, mama needed the comfort.  Got a text from said bestie that Little E had a fever.  Ughhhhhhhhhhh.  She was in good spirits but definitely over 98.6.  Well shit.  I crawled back in bed, stopped being stubborn and called the doc.  If everyone was going to be sick, I needed to be better.  STAT.  Made an appointment for the next day.  Convinced I had strep throat, I took a flashlight and looked.  Holy absolutely disgusting.  Instead of a throat, I had white.  Just white.  Flash forward a few hours to me having another crying breakdown because I just couldn't handle another second of it.  Once I composed myself (and trust me, I use that term VERY lightly) the hubs suggested I drink some Mucinex nighttime crap and just go to sleep.  Mistake.  Have you ever thrown up blue Mucinex whilst in the throws of strep throat?  No?  Trust me, it's not a fucking party you want to be invited to.
  4. And the doctor confirmed it.  Strep.  I told him I needed something for the pain because all the over the counter bullshit I was dealing with wasn't doing shit.  He told me about some sort of shot I could get that would help.  Perfect.  The sweet little old lady nurse came in and stabbed me in the ass region (which I was informed after by another nurse isn't a proper place for shots to go anymore because it's too close to the femoral artery, and it's old school.  She was quite old...) and said I should be feeling better soon.  Well the shot hurt and did nothing for the throat pain.  Sore ass, sore throat.  Once I got some antibiotics in me, I felt 80% better.
  5. I felt great over the weekend, but that's when Everly started falling apart.
  6. Monday again.  Cranky baby doesn't want her medicine.  Jon and I started mixing it into her milk.  Poor Little E's ear was leaking and I knew I needed to make an appointment the next day for her to be seen.
  7. A sick baby is just like having a newborn.  You don't sleep.  Ever.  And just when you think you can lay down and get comfortable, you WILL hear crying and fussing.  Little E was up ALL NIGHT LONG.  I finally had to tap out around 5 or 6 and have Jon help.  I slept a little and got her in to see the pediatrician.  Perforated ear drum.  What in the actual fuck?  She got some antibiotic shots (my call because she HATES taking medicine) and proceeded to poop.  The poop thing is only relevant because I decided not to bring her diaper bag with me.  The doc said to stay for 15 minutes after her shot to make sure she didn't have an allergic reaction.  I took her out to the car, hoping to just see a little poop nugget that could be discarded, leaving no smears and therefore, the diaper, in tact.  Of course not.  It was the first time in weeks that her poop wasn't solid.  Fun fact, right? Checked the car about 15 times and found no diapers.  Fuck it.  I wiped her up with paper towels and crossed my fingers she wouldn't piss or poop on me or in her car seat.  She didn't!  Best thing that happened all day.

Holy balls, guys, it's been rough.  I feel like an insane robot at this point.  I haven't left the house, besides to go to doctor's appointments, in a long time.  I would be getting all Jack Nicolson up in here if it weren't for my incredible ability to drown out Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins.  Seriously.


PS, this post is most likely riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.  Also, I like to jump tenses.  Sue me.  I have no energy to check my shit.

PPS, I love you and thanks for filling your head space with my bullshit.  It's always appreciated.

Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)