A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun


It has been over a month since I have written anything besides lame Facebook status updates that barely matter.  I have been napping more often than I haven't been napping.  Cleaning the house every single day seems like a pointless waste of time when kids rip through like fucking tornados, destroying everything in sight and sending decorative pillows soaring through the living room several times a day.  Why do I even bother to put them back on the couches?

Why is this shit happening?  Because I'm funked.  That's right, I am in a funk and it's really fucking hard to get out of it.  Nothing in particular is upsetting me.  My marriage is good.  My kids are mostly happy ( I DO have a moody 5 year old, after all) and healthy.  We're not poor.  And yet...something is missing.

I want an adventure.  I want to become the very best possible version of myself.  I want to wake up with energy and a desire to do something, anything besides watching shitty TV and feeling sorry for myself.  I don't want to envy others.  I want to be envied.  I want people to look at me and see a smiling fool.  I want to be one of those annoying people with far too much energy or one of those Pinterest moms that crafts like a motherfucker and bakes delicious goodies.  I want to WANT to exercise.  I want to quit fucking smoking for good.  I want to cut way down on drinking.  I want to play with my kids and genuinely enjoy it, instead of faking excitement every time my wee ones scribble a picture or put their toys away correctly.  There's so much I want and it's time to make it happen.  No one is going to do the work for me, that's for sure.

Don't worry, I'm not depressed.  I have pills for that.  I'm just...blah.  But that's about to change my friends.   So maybe I'm a little late, but here's to 2015!  May I have the energy of a meth addict, without, you know, all the missing teeth and facial sores :)

Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)