A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Something is Amiss in Napville

Something is happening in the house that isn't sitting well with me.  Things are changing and, in my opinion, it's total bullshit!  In the big scheme of things, sure, it's no big deal.  But day to day life?  Ugh, it's killing me.  Everly's sleep schedule is all fucked up.  She's growing guys, and everything is getting off kilter.

As I write this, little E is in her room yelling and crying and probably throwing all kinds of shit out of her crib.  She's obviously exhausted but she just won't go the eff to sleep!  Why? Seriously though, WHY?  And last night?  Yeah, I had to go into her room with a bottle about 300 times before she finally gave up for the night and went to sleep.  That never happens anymore.  

And you know what I blame all this on?  The little white devils popping up in her mouth.  Yep, she's teething again.  So of course she also has diaper rash.  And her poor chin is broken out from all the drool.  She's a wreck.  As a result, I'm a mess of nerves, trying my damn est to work on my patience, and not throw a shit fit every time I hear her jabbering away in her crib to her glow worm.  

I have always loved to sleep.  It's just about my favorite thing ever, next to TV of course...oh, and my family.  Evie would rather do ANYTHING but sleep.  The result?  Just picture a demon from hell and that's my oldest when she is sleep deprived.  Little E?  She gets cranky, sure.  But she also gets rammy and giggly and clumsy.  Maybe my salvation will come when they are teenagers and want to sleep until noon everyday.  But knowing that my kids are half of their father, they will probably still get up at the ass crack of dawn to harass me and tell me they have to poop.   Seriously, I can see it now.  When the time comes, I'm totally getting a padlock on my bedroom door.  Anyone who doesn't want to sleep 10 hours a day can hit the ol' dusty trail.  And hey, don't forget to bolt that shit on the way out.  


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