A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

I Had This Friend. We Used To Flirt.

I've had this friend for about 15 years.  We used to flirt every time we saw each other.  It was the silly kind of flirting, not the oh em gee I have to have you NOW kind.  It was subtle and cute and it made me blush.  He was my best friend's brother, so it was quite innocent.  We asked each other countless times when we would get married.  We hugged and kissed (nothing French style) and snuggled.  It was very PG.  Not even close to PG-13 or R.  Both of us dated people, some seriously, some not so much.

One night I got drunk.  I asked him when we were going to go on a cruise together.  He responded with something like when are we going to cut the crap and go on a date?  And that was it.  Two months later I was pregnant.  Six years later we are still together and today is our fourth wedding anniversary.

I used to think of love as this very romantic notion.  Like, oh I don't know, love is all sunshine and kisses and jewelry and roses.  FALSE.  Our love is different.  Don't get me wrong, we live in the Sunshine state, we kiss, he gives me jewelry and roses, but that's not our real love.  Our real love is when I remember to put water in the fridge because he likes it cold.  Or when he rinses off his plate after dinner instead of letting shit crust all over it.  It's when I take out the trash and when he remembers to put the dogs collars on so they don't fly through the electric fence and wreak havoc all over the neighborhood. PS- he totally didn't do that today, but I'll give him a pass.

We don't have the conventional love story.  But we have love. And it grows more every year.

Happy Anniversary Jon.  I love you bigga much. Always.


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