A Snyder In The Sun

A Snyder In The Sun

Bestest Frens Are The Best!

Today my bestie, Alison, will be arriving from PA to live, yes LIVE, in Florida!  This is a very exciting thing, and something that is almost 5 years in the making.  I hail from PA originally and moved to sunny Florida because my hubby works here.  It just made sense.  The biggest things I miss about PA are the actual change of seasons (not like here where it goes from hot, to hotter, to HOLYFUCKITSHOTOHEMGEEIMGOINGTODIE), my padre, the woods, and Ali (and her fam).  So, in honor of my bestie's arrival, I made a list.


10- Second Wardrobe!  Barring pregnancies and crash diets, besties can totally raid each other's closets.  Sometimes this means underwear too.  Score!

9- You can interrupt each other on the phone constantly without the other person getting pissed. There's just so much verbal diarrhea going on, interruptions are bound to happen.  But it's ok, there's always texting. 

8- They WILL tell you if your ass looks fat in that.  And you won't want to punch them in the face for it.

7- You don't have to be embarrassed when they see you "ugly cry."

6- Chances are they have seen you naked and didn't laugh and point.

5- Maybe you've broke a few (read: SEVERAL) laws together.  You aren't telling and they aren't either.

4- During a night of heavy drinking they can totally punch you in the face and you will still love them the next day.

3- They don't judge your choice of crappy TV.  Well, they don't judge HARD, I should say.  

2- They will call you out on your shit, even if you are in total denial.  It might piss you off at the time, but deep down, you know they are right.  Fuck.

1- They are there for the most exciting shit going on in your life, like when you get married and have kids.  They are also there for the not so exciting stuff, like when you finally manage to dislodge that awful ingrown hair.  Who am I kidding?  That's pretty exciting too.


What is your favorite thing about your bestie?

Feel free to pass me around to your friends.  I like to be shared ;)